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Meet Attorney Anthony F. List Jr.

Anthony F. List Jr.I am Anthony F. List Jr. I am committed to effectively defending people against the criminal charges they are facing. I have been defending people in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1998. During that time I have come to know the local courts and the attorneys who serve in them. I know how to build a case that can truly help my clients when they are going through difficult times. I also know what sort of consequences people can be facing if they do not take action and secure a skilled defense.

Because I know the challenges people are facing, I make it part of my mission to provide people with representation that is more than just effective. My goal is to help my clients find confidence that their issues will be effectively resolved as well as peace of mind. Facing criminal charges can be disconcerting. Many of my clients have appreciated the fact that I return phone calls promptly and that I always keep my clients fully aware of the progress of their cases.

The level of personal service I provide to my clients along with the results I have been able to generate for my clients has helped me build a strong reputation as a criminal defense lawyer whom you can depend on when you most need one. Let me help you with the criminal charges you are facing.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Media And The Greater Philadelphia Area

Let me help you put forward the defense you deserve. For a free initial consultation, call 610-348-5996 or contact my office online.

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