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Driver’s License Restoration

lawyer and client shaking handsLosing your driver’s license is a difficulty that many people have a hard time dealing with. With the need to get to work, take children to school and take care of other daily responsibilities, it can be hard to actually stop driving once your driving privileges have been suspended. So, many people keep driving.

Eventually people get pulled over again and they receive another suspension on top of their previous one. This can become a cycle that can stretch an initial six-month suspension out for years and years. Having to constantly look over your shoulder while you are driving is a life no one should have to live.

I am attorney Anthony F. List Jr.. I help people restore their driver’s licenses. There are a number of ways to restore your driving privileges. In some situations, attacking that first suspension can be the most effective tactic. In others, it may be possible to speed up the restoration — possibly resulting in an immediate restoration depending on the credit available.

More Than A Decade Of Experience Helping Restore People’s Driver’s Licenses

I have been helping people in the Greater Philadelphia area restore their driving privileges for more than a decade. During that time, I have learned what works and what does not work when it comes to protecting and restoring people’s driver’s licenses. I make sure that my clients are completing all necessary steps including sending in their driver’s licenses and filing DL-16 forms to ensure that they receive all the credit they are due regarding their suspension.

Driver’s License Restoration Attorney Serving Media And The Greater Philadelphia Area

There are ways to fight to get your driver’s license back. I can help you get back on the road sooner rather than later. For a free initial consultation, call 610-348-5996 or contact my office online.

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